What's new in the Leicestershire Cohort Studies?

The Leicester Pre-school Questionnaire Translated into Portuguese!

The Leicester pre-school questionnaire has been translated into Portuguese by a team working in Lisbon. Their purpose was twofold; firstly they wanted to find out more about infantile asthma and wheezing in Portugese children...[more]

Does lung function change in populations who migrate to a different country?

It has long been recognised that there are variations in lung function between people of different ethnic groups. One possible explanation has been that nutritional or socioeconomic factors are largely responsible for the...[more]

Asthma and Genetics

Asthma tends to run in families, which means that children are more likely to develop asthma if their parents have the condition. This indicates that there is a genetic component to asthma. It is not a single gene effect (such...[more]

Differences in Lung Function Between White and South Asian Children

There are many reports of differences in lung function between people of different ethnic origins. In most of these, white people have been shown to be able to blow out more air, and with more speed, than other people of the...[more]

Predicting Asthma Risk in Children (PARC)

A new and simple tool helps to predict later asthma in preschool children with recurrent wheeze or cough [more]

Should Mothers with Asthma Nurse Their Babies?

Breastfeeding is associated with better lung volumes in children of asthmatic mothers[more]

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